Discover the Perfect Camp Scout Backpack

Discover the Perfect Camp Scout Backpack

March 20, 2020

Scout camping is one of the great outdoor activities that youngsters get to experience. From pitching tents to building fires, scout camps are internationally revered for the practical skills it teaches young members. 

The first thing you’re taught at scouts is to be prepared. And being prepared comes with making sure you’ve got all the gear you need to have a successful camp outing. At the top of that list is having an appropriate camp scout backpack.

So read on and discover how the Pillowpak is the perfect camp scout backpack for a weekend trip with the boy or girl scouts.  

Pack your pillow

  • Get a great night’s sleep wherever you make camp by packing your pillow in the bag’s rear compartment
  • Protect your pillow from rain, mud, and dirt throughout your trekking thanks to the fully insulated compartment 

Huge Capacity

  • Not only can you comfortably fit your pillow, it also has compartments for your clothes, tech, and toiletries
  • With a total capacity of 55 Liters, you have more than enough space for all your scout camp essentials

Designed for camping

  • Six large sections, including its main split front compartment, provide ample room to pack all of your personal camping needs
  • Multiple clip points are perfect for attaching flashlights, compasses and other safety items
  • Separate side compartment for packing your water bottle, umbrella or rain jacket


  • Withstand the elements with the bag’s water and wind-resistant outer mesh
  • Keep your phone and other valuables safe and dry, including a special padded compartment 

High-quality material 

  • The Pillowpak is built to last, with durable yet flexible material 
  • Strong enough to hold all your clothes and personal items, while flexible enough to roll up when not in use
  • Fold-over top to reduce the size of the bag when you’re carrying less equipment

Buy a Pillowpak today 

The Pillowpak camping bag has you covered for all your overnight travel needs.

  • At 1.45 pounds, the world’s lightest high-volume backpack 
  • Extremely versatile, foldable, and machine washable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • One of the best overall price points around
  • Comes in two color choices - Cool Gray/Mint Green or Jet Black/Cool Gray

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