The Pillowpak

Pillowpak was not just created to carry your pillow, but incorporates purposefully designed compartments for all your personal items including:

  • Two areas for change of clothes;
  • A separate pocket for toiletries;
  • A dedicated pocket for your phone, earbuds and charger;
  • A special keepsake pocket for those important things you really don’t want to misplace...and best of all;
  • The uniquely accessed pillow pocket helps keep your pillow clean, dry and allergen free!

Pillowpak can be used as a backpack, sling bag or carried like a traditional duffel bag. And if you want to use Pillowpak for something other than an overnight excursion where a pillow isn’t needed, the unique ‘fold-over’ top allows for a smaller footprint to bring Pillowpak with you anywhere you go.