Our Story

For many of us, our families are knee deep in the pre-teen and teenage years. We’ve watched our children return from a sleepover, a grandparents’ house, an overnight camp or countless other occasions with their pillow shoved in a ripped garbage bag, or worse yet, tossed on the floor with muddy shoes and covered with dog hair when we arrived to pick them up. And how many times has your child or one of their friends forgotten to bring something important like their toothbrush or left a phone charger or pair of earbuds behind, never to be seen again? At $20+ a clip you quickly realize how much money is being thrown away!

And for us adults, we can all remember a time when we slept away from home for a night or two and wished we had our own pillow - nobody would argue they wouldn’t love a better night’s sleep! These stories and more are where Pillowpak was born...The World’s First Overnight Bag Centered Around Your Own Pillow!

The original bag was exclusively designed towards 11 to 17 year olds, but as the concept evolved, and our team received feedback from friends, family and local retailers, interest quickly broadened to a larger audience, including active adults. We came to realize everyone thirsts for the same thing...a better night’s sleep :)

Pillowpak was not just created to carry your pillow, but incorporates purposefully designed compartments for all your personal items including:

  • two areas for change of clothes;
  • a separate pocket for toiletries;
  • a dedicated pocket for your phone, earbuds and charger;
  • A special keepsake pocket for those important things you really don’t want to misplace...And best of all;
  • The uniquely accessed pillow pocket helps keep your pillow clean, dry and allergen free!

Pillowpak can be used as a backpack, sling bag or carried like a traditional duffel bag. And if you want to use Pillowpak for something other than an overnight excursion where a pillow isn’t needed, the unique 'roll top' allows for a smaller footprint to bring Pillowpak with you anywhere you go.

Getting Pillowpak to market has been both fun and challenging through design, sourcing, production, and social marketing. The project has been great in so many ways, including the opportunity to get children involved with entrepreneurship in our local New Jersey community. Maybe best of all though, is the Pillowpak mission to pay it forward! A portion of proceeds from each bag sold are donated to reputable non-profit organizations focused on special education, girls’ and boys’ clubs, and advancement in the treatment of medical conditions for children.

We appreciate everyone’s support and feedback through this amazing journey.

Product Feedback

"That's a really cool idea!  People are going to love this bag."  - Brian S., Readington, NJ

"When I first saw this bag, I immediately wanted one.  It looks trendy, easy to use and can transition from a child's use to an adult camper.  Awesome!"  - Honey C., Montclair, NJ

"I purchased this bag for my niece who was always dragging her pillow to sleepovers.  I was so impressed with the amount of items that fit into the bag and the designated pockets, that I ordered another for myself!"  Cheryl C., Cheshire, CT