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Introducing Pillowpak, the Perfect Sleepover Bag for Your Pillow

February 24, 2020

If we had a manifesto it would state that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. And we believe the key to a good night’s sleep is having your own pillow, no matter where you lay your head.

So whether you’re staying at your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s house, crashing at your best friend’s place, or packing your kids off to their grandparents, we’ve designed a sleepover bag that guarantees a good night’s sleep. Okay, we can’t actually guarantee this, but we can promise you that the Pillowpak is the perfect sleepover pillow bag.  

Pack your pillow wherever you go

  • Easy access rear compartment has been specifically designed to fit all types of pillows
  • Protect your pillow from allergens, dust mites, and dirt when traveling

Plenty of room for your clothes

  • Two spacious internal compartments provide plenty of room for all your overnight clothes
  • Keep your clothes organized with the easy top opening design 

Protect your tech and valuables with soft-lined pockets

  • Safely stores your larger devices in the padded laptop sleeve
  • Protect your phone, earbuds and other small devices with the soft-lined front pocket

Two compartments for your toiletries 

  • Two front compartments provide plenty of space for all your sleepover toiletries
  • Separate his and hers overnight necessities with ease, or split bathroom items by liquids and utensils 
  • Alternatively, use one of the compartments to store games and activities when your child is going to a sleepover

Easy access for a bottle, umbrella, and clip points 

  • Drinks bottle holder with extra space, perfect for carrying a soda bottle to a kids’ sleepover, or even a bottle of wine for adults
  • Space for an umbrella to save you having to carry it
  • Plenty of clip points to fasten any other sleepover essentials that you want to bring 

Fold it away when it’s not in use

  • Super lightweight design that can be folded and stored when not in use 

Buy Pillowpak today

The Pillowpak sleepover bag has you covered for all your overnight travel needs.

  • Just $49.99 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Domestic shipping just $4.99
  • Come in two color choices - Cool Gray/Mint Green or Jet Black/Cool Gray

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