6 Sleepover Favor Bag Ideas for Parents

6 Sleepover Favor Bag Ideas for Parents

March 04, 2020

Planning a slumber party is no small feat.

While your guests are busy packing for the sleepover, you’re busy ticking off food and drinks, games, and children’s allergies from your long to-do list. 

So when all is said and done, should sleepover goodie bags really be high on your list of slumber-party concerns?

Actually, they should.

Slumber party favor bags shouldn’t simply be the afterthought at the end of the whole event. They’re a great way for you to get creative with your loved one, and help them show their appreciation for their friends visiting. Furthermore, it teaches your child the importance of giving as well as receiving presents. 

Pretty awesome, right! But where do you begin with making a sleepover favor bag?

We’ve got you covered. 

Here are our 6 best sleepover goodie bag ideas, ensuring you and your kid can surprise their friends with an awesome gift bag to take home.

1. Homemade Treats

Cooking can be a labor of love for many people. 

It follows therefore that homemade treats are sleepover party bag essentials, which show how much your child cares for the people closest to them.

Whether you’re baking a cake or glazing apples with caramel, sweet treats are the way to any child’s heart. Whilst they might not appreciate the full value of something that’s handmade, children certainly enjoy the taste of good food. 

In terms of sleepover gift bag ideas, homemade treats have to be up there with the best.

2. Small Puzzles

Kids love a good brain-teaser. Jigsaw puzzles, mini Rubik’s cubes, and art and craft kits are always going to be a hit takeaway item for your child’s friends. These are always easy to find at discount stores and other outlets, so are great for last-minute shopping.

If you’re feeling very creative, why not make your own? There are plenty of cool websites that will create tailored puzzles such as this.

3. Donations

It may not be the first choice for young kids, but donations are becoming an increasingly popular sleepover goodie bag idea. After all, kids have so many toys and possessions these days. 

So why not put money towards a worthy cause? 

Donating an animal to an impoverished community in the developing world is a great way of showing children the value of giving, as well as receiving. 

If you want to know more about credible charities to donate to, you can find out more here

4. Hand-Crafted Cards

There’s nothing that says ‘I care about you’ like a homespun thank you card. 

Crafting cards for slumber party guests is a fun activity you and your child can do together. It’s also a cherished and cost-effective addition to a favor bag that both your child’s friends and parents will appreciate. 

5. A Photo From The Slumber Party 

Quick, easy and entertaining, a photo from the party is an excellent keepsake for your guests post-sleepover. 

Make sure you get some pictures of the children when they’re doing sleepover activities, and select the best photo. The more amusing the better! 

If you’ve left thinking about sleepover gift bag ideas to the last minute, a photo from the evening could be the perfect fix.

6. Mini Spa Kits

Mini spa kits are the ideal option for beauty-based slumber parties. 

Unlike the other sleepover goodie bag ideas on this list, you should give these treats out at the beginning of the sleepover. Pack your gift bags full of face masks, nice-smelling lotions, and other cleansing items. 

With a spa kit, your child and their friends can pamper themselves, leaving them refreshed for the following day. 

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